Terms and Conditions of Sale

Our main objective at AC ONLINE is to satisfy our customers. In order to do this in the best way possible, we have set up a number of policy measures that help us to serve you more efficiently.

1. Cancellations

In the event you cancel an order before the equipment has been sent to shipping, we will refund the purchase price of the equipment minus a 10% fee which is meant for restocking, palletizing and processing of the refund. The refund is done using the same method of transaction used for payment (i.e. debit or credit card, check or other payment methods). The 10% refund fee is however not charged on orders canceled within 24 hours of purchase.

All cancellations need to be done in writing through our cancellation forms that can be found here. You may contact us to get a return authorization form which you can later submit in writing to AC ONLINE.

2. Refunds

If it so happens that you need to return the equipment you purchased, we will issue a full refund minus handling and shipping fees if you meet the set criteria. There is a 15% or 25% restocking fee for Spacepak equipment that is based on the total cost of your purchase plus all relevant freight costs to return the equipment back to our storage houses.

You can contact us to get an authorization and pre-approval for your return. No returns are accepted without an official pre-approval and authorization number from AC ONLINE.

The original packaging must be properly taped with clear tape (colored tape is not accepted) and all documents issued by the manufacturer of the equipment must be included (warranty information, installation guides, specification sheets, etc.)

Also, the equipment must still be in new condition and should not have been installed. The original packaging should intact with no signs of scratches, damage or blemishes.

AC ONLINE only accepts returns of equipment within 14 days of purchase. Any return requests that are submitted after the 14 day period can only be approved at our discretion. This return policy encompasses both systems and/or supplies purchased from us. Insurance of returning freight is the responsibility of the buyer.

Refunds for approved returns will be credited to the payment accounts used for original purchase i.e. debit card, credit card, company check or other payment accounts.

Customers should allow 2 to 3 weeks from the time AC ONLINE receives the equipment returned for refunds to reflect in their accounts. Customers are required to sign the return/refund policy document before their money can be reimbursed.

3. AC ONLINE Order Fulfillment

In the event you receive incorrect equipment or notice a shortage in shipped items, you are required to report the irregularity to AC ONLINE within 4 business days. Shortages that are not acknowledged on the delivery sheet will not be accepted. If the shipping error is the fault of AC ONLINE, we will be responsible for the cost of return and replacement of purchased items.

We process orders every day from Monday to Friday between 9 am to 6 am.

4. Replacement, Refunds, Shipping Claims, Shipping Info

Customers are advised to read the shipping policy keenly. Any claims resulting from damage caused by shipping company or carrier will be left to the affected customer to follow up.

5. Liability

AC ONLINE can in no way be held liable or responsible for any inconsequential or consequential damage resulting from the operation or installation of purchased equipment. Equipment is not meant to be installed or operated by individuals who do not have proper technical skills and experience. While we promote do-it-yourself installation, we do emphasize that buyers should do it at their own risk. We highly recommend an on-the-ground inspection of the equipment by a trained and certified professional before operation. Any installation advice we give is solely based on the information we get from you and the advice can be limited because AC ONLINE does not have the entire scope of your requirements or needs. We however do our very best, considering the circumstances under which our advice is given, to offer accurate and useful information that can help you undertake various tasks.

6. Warranties –>Kindly Read Our Warranty Policy Keenly

Unless stated otherwise; in the event a warranty repair is necessary, you can call upon a local air conditioning and heating expert and get a free replacement part. You can also contact AC ONLINE and get a replacement part free or charge. Customers are however required to pay for the shipping and handling charges for the replacement parts. All replacement parts must be installed by individuals with adequate training, skills and experience. As much as we encourage do-it-yourself installation, we do emphasize that it should be done at your own risk. Improper installation or installation by unqualified individuals automatically voids the warranty agreement.

All warranty claims must be validated by a professional who must do a comprehensive diagnosis and identify the faulty parts in the equipment. The professional must document the diagnosis in an official service ticket or company letter and attach a copy of this documentation to the faulty parts being returned to us. Lack of a diagnosis report automatically results to the rejection of a warranty claim. It is also the customer’s responsibility to register the equipment they purchase online with AC ONLINE in order to qualify for the warranty.

7. Important Notice

Buyer hereby accepts that federal and state laws prohibit them from tampering with the refrigeration units of any equipment purchased. Only trained and certified professionals can handle the refrigeration units and refrigerants contained in the AC equipment. Buyer hereby accepts full responsibility for the proper installation of equipment in accordance to relevant state and federal laws.

8. Equipment Selection

AC ONLINE does not accept or guarantee any fitness or merchantability of the purchased equipment for any specific application. Any and all suggestions offered by AC ONLINE in regards to your particular system should always be run through a knowledgeable expert who can confirm the suitability of our application suggestions for your specific project.

9. Typographical Errors and Inaccuracies

AC ONLINE takes great care and attention in the preparation of its website. However, any content that is published on this website should be teated as ‘information only’. AC ONLINE does not take any responsibility for typos, errors, misstatements or omissions in the materials published on this website. We cannot also be held responsible for changes in product descriptions done by manufacturers of equipment.

This website is linked to other websites. AC ONLINE is independent and is not associated to the content and privacy statements of other websites. The information on this website can be changed or altered without notice. We reserve the right to rectify any errors such as omissions and typos and misstatements.

In the event a piece of equipment is incorrectly priced, AC ONLINE shall have the right to cancel or refuse any order placed for the specific equipment. In the event an item is priced incorrectly, AC ONLINE can cancel your order or contact you for further instructions at our own discretion. Our website gathers information from various sources. If a buyer notices any missing or incorrect information on a product, they should contact us immediately for necessary amendments to be made.