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Preinsulated Copper Refrigerant Lineset for Ductless System (1-Zone)

Length of Lineset * 

    Compatible with all brands of ductless systems we offer
    One pair of preinsulated (liquid and suction line) of copper refrigeration lineset
    These items can only be purchased with equipment purchase.
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Under the terms of all manufacturer’s warranty and to comply with federal refrigerant handling laws, it is required that the system be checked, started up and signed-off on by a licensed air conditioning/heating contractor prior to use. Failure to comply with this provision will void all factory warranties. Keep a copy of the installation ticket for your records. Please ensure that all supply and return ductwork is properly sized and that a permit is obtained (where required). Always conform with applicable local and state codes. Electrical connections should only be made by a licensed electrical contractor. Unqualified persons should never attempt installation of this or any HVAC system.

Lineset & Insulation

These copper refrigeration tubing and insulation materials connect the indoor and outdoor components of a central air conditioning/heating system.
The pre-flared tubing is easily connected without the need to solder. Manufactured in accordance with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard Specification B280.
The linesets are preinsulated on both the high and low pressure lines and are offered in both 15 foot, 30 foot, and 50 foot lengths.