Mitsubishi’s Ductless Technology

Mitsubishi’s innovative approach to modern technology has welcomed its eco-comfort setup. The “ESystems” offer a plethora of advantages including quiet operation, triple-allergen filtration, and overall eco-efficiency.

This technology is designed to push the brand to the next stage in its development.

The setup includes:

1) A Revolutionary Heat Pump
2) Space-Saving Design For Easy Installation
3) Ductless System
4) Cost-Efficient Usage

This is the power of what Mitsubishi is bringing to the table. This is an unobtrusive setup designed for long-term use. These ductless systems have illustrated continuous growth with an Energy Star rating up to 26 SEER.

The costs are coming up to around $0.04/Hour. Yes, this is no more than $48 per year.

The air conditioners have started to emphasize eco-friendliness by producing a seamless setup that’s easy to use. It is designed to provide a quiet system that’s going to filter air and make sure it runs without damaging the environment. This is the next step for Mitsubishi and its goal to offer a modern system. Studies have revealed the triple-allergen system is out of this world and provides an endless set of benefits.

Mitsubishi has also taken the time to create a beautiful finish with its system. The line is sleeker, aesthetically pleasing, and has front access (terminal block). If necessary, you can set up an automated setting that cools the air and keeps it balanced. They have Hyper-Heating INVERTER technology that can bring the temperature to nearly -13º F. This is ideal for those who want comprehensive comfort in one system.

The ductless air conditioners from Mitsubishi can offer benefits such as long warranties, easy installation, and straightforward servicing. It is the complete package for those who want a long-lasting system.

Their electric units are designed to provide a ductless installation that takes minutes to complete. With a world-class record for servicing, Mitsubishi continues to push forward with a reliable unit that’s easy to use. In fact, their trust for the units is so high, they’ve offered an extended warranty (up to seven years) for their compressors.