The Inner Workings of Ductless Air Conditioners

This advantageous innovation in air conditioning offers an easy installation with no disruption

Installing A Ductless Air Conditioner is a User -Friendly Procedure

You will find a good variety of ductless air conditioners for the interiors that can suit any need or design specifications you could have. The outdoor units we offer can also be tucked away inconspicuously and complete the conditioning system.

The Installation Procedure

Perhaps the best thing about the Mitsubishi Ductless Air Conditioning System is how easy it is to set up and install. You can find a qualified contractor who can perform the work in a single day. For more information, be sure to learn how to choose the best contractor to for this project.

You will not need to install the ductwork, so there will be very little disturbance to the regular function of your home while the installation is underway. There will also be no considerations for making holes in the home that can affect remodeling expenses. The ductless air conditioner can be mounted directly into the indoors of your home with only a small tube for refrigerants and power connecting to the outdoor unit through a hole the size or a couple fingers.

Various Style of Outdoor Unit

The Ducted Option: If you would like the ducted unit installed into your home, this can be tucked away in a crawlspace or corner of the basement. This unit uses short distances of ducts that transfers air to and from the cooling unit to keep the interior of the home at the right temperature.

Wall-mounted style: the wall mounted variety can be installed above eye level and hidden from the general view of the public. These are white and tend to blend into the environment and have some specific functions that improve their service.

Ceiling Recessed Cassette Style: after they have been properly installed, all you will see is a inconspicuous grille level with the rest of the ceiling. The Pl series offers superior discrete function with its four-way airflow and fresh air intake vents thus improving the air quality of the home.

The system is fully functional once your choice of indoor unit is connected with the outdoor component. These outdoor units won’t take up a lot of space and can be cloistered away behind an attractive shrub or architectural structure.