Mitsubishi Ductless Air Conditioners - Cooling Only

Air conditioning only, single room/zone. Select from 9K – 36K Btu’s system capacities.Wall mounted Mitsubishi ductless air indoor units.

Mitsubishi Ductless Heat Pumps - Cooling and Heating

Cooling and heating for year-round comfort, single room/zone. Select from 9K – 36K Btu’s system capacities. Wall mounted Mitsubishi ductless indoor units.

Mitsubishi Horizontal Ducted Heat Pumps - Cooling and Heating

If you have a crawl or attic space, these indoor units can be tucked away, completely out of sight and will comfortably heat and cool up to 2 adjoining rooms. Use instead of inefficient and extensive duct systems. Locate the ducted unit in the area it will heat and cool using short, efficient duct runs.

Mitsubishi Ceiling Cassette Heat Pumps - Cooling and Heating

When installed in the ceiling, the flush-mounted grille is all you see. Features four-way discharge airflow and branch duct knockouts, allowing for the conditioning of a smaller nearby space. Built-in condensate removal pump is included. You’ll need about a foot of area above the ceiling.

Mitsubishi Multi-room Ductless Air Conditioning Heat Pumps - Cooling and Heating

Ductless air conditioning and heating for year-round comfort. Select from 2, 3, 4, up to 8 rooms from one outdoor unit. Choose between Mitsubishi wall mounted ductless air or hidden-from-view ducted indoor units for maximum flexibility. The versatile Mitsubishi MXZ-8B48NA 8 zone also offers ceiling recessed indoor unit options for maximum flexibility

Outdoor Units

Easy Installation

Ductless air conditioning systems are easy to get up and running, causing minimal disruption during the installation process.

A wide range of different indoor units is available to suit different applications. These are supported by outdoor units for the ductless air conditioning systems. The outdoor units are compact and easy to conceal with basic landscaping.

Typical installation

The Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning system is remarkably easy to install. A full installation should take just a day when handled by a competent contractor. (Do-it-yourselfers are cautioned not to tackle this project alone. Click here to find how to select a qualified contractor.) Ductless air conditioning systems, as implied by their names, require minimal remodeling work for ducts. Compact, stylish indoor units mount conveniently within any room. The outdoor unit can be connected with a modest three-inch wall opening which carries a pair of refrigerant lines along with wiring.

Different styles of indoor units

Ducted style

Ducted indoor units are designed to hide completely within your walls or beneath your floors. Short duct runs and compact registers are used to allow air circulation with minimal intrusion into an interior space. The unit itself can be sited in a basement or a crawl space.
Wall-mounted style

A ductless wall-mounted air conditioning unit is typically sited high on a wall where it will take up minimal space and be unobtrusive during most day-to-day activities. Wall units come in a neutral white color which matches a wide array of decorative styles and have several special features for enhanced functionality.
Ceiling Recessed Cassette Style

A recessed ceiling cassette unit (e.g. the Mitsubishi PL series air conditioner cassette) is designed to fit above the ceiling of an indoor room. Once installation is complete, only the flush-mounted grille protrudes into the interior space. A ductless cassette air conditioner takes in fresh air and is capable of handling air discharge four different ways. Ceiling cassette units are an excellent choice for maximizing comfort and minimizing the impact of air conditioner equipment in your space.The ductless air conditioner/heat pump from Mitsubishi relies on outdoor units as well as indoor ones. Each system’s outdoor unit is designed to occupy the smallest possible footprint so that it takes up no more room than is absolutely necessary. Outdoor units can easily be concealed by any sort of foliage.

Mitsubishi Mr. Slim Ductless Air Conditioner Technology – The Quiet solution

Mitsubishi’s M-series Mr. Slim systems combine efficient air conditioning with efficient heat pumps (i.e. ductless mini split air conditioning) to deliver great performance in both residential and light commercial environments. Most of the models in the line are 20 SEER, although the 24,000 BTU edition is 17.5 SEER. Quiet, efficient, and reliable, ductless air conditioners are the ideal cooling solution wherever space is at a premium. Examples of spaces that are well-suited to ductless air conditioning include computer and telecom equipment rooms, residential additions, small offices, music studios, and more.

Ductless mini split air conditioners have become increasingly popular all over the world in the past few years. The Mitsubishi Mr. Slim line is especially well-known as a best-selling, proven, and reliable solution to all sorts of heating and cooling problems. Though specific equipment varies, each ductless air conditioning system is made up of at least two components: an outdoor unit and an easy-to-install indoor unit.

Cooling’s Easier Than Ever Thanks To Mitsubishi Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

An indoor wall-mounted unit from Mitsubishi is powerful enough to make any indoor space more comfortable. Air can be directed in any direction with the adjustable swing louvers in order to ensure full coverage. Mitsubishi’s Mr. Slim line of ductless air conditioning systems are ideal for:

* Guesthouses
* Garage/Porch Apartments
* Music Studios
* Computer/Telephone Rooms
* Small Offices
* Attic Enclosures
* Rental Efficiencies
* Small Homes (2-3 Rooms)
* Loft Apartments

Ductless mini split air conditions are roughly similar to central air systems in that they place the compressor outside the building. This eliminates the noise produced by all-in-one wall air conditioners. The indoor unit can be surface mounted virtually anywhere and produces virtually no noise. The simple, unobtrusive styling on the indoor unit will blend into virtually any sort of decor without drawing the eye.

Increased Flexibility with Multi-Zone Operation

Mitsubishi’s ductless air conditioners are ideal for larger homes and commercial spaces where multiple rooms need heating and cooling services yet ductwork is not a practical option. The Mr. Slim ductless air conditioner system has the flexibility to meet a variety of different needs.

Outstanding New Features

Mr. Slim air conditioner systems operate with R-410a refrigerant. This highly efficient, completely ozone-friendly refrigerant makes smaller, more energy-efficient air conditioners possible. Mitsubishi’s ductless air conditioners comply with all the latest federal regulations on refrigerants.

Ductless air conditioners from Mitsubishi use enzyme filters with artificial enzyme catalysts on their filaments to capture harmful microbes, allergens, and other unwanted particles.

A hybrid catechin pre-filter uses bioflavinoid green tea extracts to provide antioxidant and antiviral benefits.

A-Control wiring provides complete coordination and electrical power with only three wires.

The inverter-powered DC compressor delivers great reliability and energy efficiency.

The PAM (pulse amplitude modulation) feature conditions incoming electrical power to maximize efficiency.

Low-Ambient Cooling allows for efficient cooling even when the outdoor temperature falls to 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Powerful” Mode provides extra cooling or heating for up to 15 minutes for faster temperature changes.

Also Comes With: “Econo Cool” function, self-diagnostics, up-and-down swing mode, single-degree temperature control, dry mode, auto-restart, and auto shift from cooling to heating.

You Won’t Believe Your Ears

The first thing customers ask when their ductless air conditioner starts is, “Is it on?” It’s very likely that your other appliances – or even your computer – will be louder than the air conditioning system on its lower fan speeds. Indoor noise levels can be as low as 22 Db.

By way of comparison, a quiet refrigerator produces 48 to 55 Db. Common whispers are roughly 40 Db. 22 Db is virtually inaudible, even from short distances. There simply is no quieter option for efficient air conditioning.

Super High Efficiency SEER Ratings of 20.0

It is commonly known that heat pumps and air conditioners can be costly, but you have to think all the way down to the penny: that’s exactly what you should think about. Some of them will only give you one hour of comfort, as little as five of them, using ductless air conditioners that come from Mitsubishi.
For $5.10 you can get about 100 hours of total comfort.
This comes out to five cents an hour.
This simply means that you are going to have more affordable comfort than ever before.
If you can imagine never having to worry about paying for extreme energy bills; you simply need to dial the setting to where you want it. This is because SEER ratings of 20.0 are quite common, and the Mr. Slim from Mitsubishi is one of the most efficient ductless air conditioners that you can get with a heat pump. The designers at Mitsubishi designed this with energy and comfort in mind.
*The nationwide average was $0.10 for every kilowatt of power that was used. This could vary depending upon where you are. This is based upon an estimate per the zone you are living in.

Advanced Inverter Technology: this is a very unique compressor that has rotation speeds that are very precise, using a technology that uses an Inverter that is designed to provide maximum comfort for a reduced cost.
High Speed Heating and Cooling: this one is controlled depending upon the heating and cooling needs that you have using a rotation speed that will work perfectly with the AC compressor. You can get maximum results by controlling the compressor speed, something that can help you accurately match what it is that you require. For example, during the winter if it’s cold outside, it’s going to work 1.5 times faster, and this will allow you to get everything heated up much more quickly. It also allows you to maintain your temperature in a much more efficient manner.

So what is the bottom line? This mini split compressor that comes from Mitsubishi that uses an inverter system will simply outperform many other ductless he pumps and is rated to handle 17°F and maintain 82% capacity. If you were to use a regular heat pump, it would not produce very much heat at all (this is primarily because they are rated at half that capacity) and you will need to use some type of supplemental heating source in order to keep warm.

Extra Energy Savings: you will actually save half of your energy bill when using these devices, something that is true when you compare this to non-inverter models.

Optimum Year Round Comfort: the goal is to make sure that no room is ever too cold or hot, and by using advanced inverter technologies, this works perfectly with subtle fluctuations that these ductless air systems are able to handle because of the rotation speed of the compressor shifting automatically.

There are conventional heating systems, as well as air conditioning units, that are going to start and stop, yet the technology that Mitsubishi has developed, specifically the inverter technology of Mr. Slim will be much more precise with fewer variations.

The Hottest Thing In Cooling

Another thing to consider is how Mitsubishi Electric is one of the best split ductless heating and air conditioning units ever created. It has virtually unlimited applications in regard to versatility and variety. This is even perfect for older businesses or homes that were created before air ducts were installed and used, allowing you to control the temperature in your household as well as the humidity.

Mr. Slim is also well-known because it can save you money in specific rooms that become uncomfortably cool or hot at certain times of the year. It has proven many times that it’s performance levels, and also its reliability, make the Mr. Slim M-Series, in particular, one of the best Mitsubishi has ever created in regard to ductless air conditioners that are cost-effective and smart.

Unsurpassed Reliability

If you did not know, Mitsubishi Electric it is well known worldwide for the split ductless systems that it creates. It is hard to find a more dependable air conditioning and heating unit, regardless of where you look. There is also an extensive warranty that is exceptional. Many customers will rave about the quality of this unit each and every time that they have to use it during those months of the year where temperatures can become extreme.

The Mr. Slim unit from Mitsubishi is simply one of the most reliable units that you will ever buy. Every major component is designed to provide high reliability during operations, and is purposefully designed to work together with all of the components that make up this reliable system. In the heating and air conditioning industry, where average failure rates hover right below 5%, there is as much better with only four system failures out of a total 100 units. Mr. Slim comprises only 1/8 of the industry average which comes out to one half of 1%. In comparison to the prior statistics, this simply means that there will only be for failures out of not 100, but 800, manufactured units. This is how products should be made, designed with not only quality, but a high degree of reliability as well.

The system itself is a little less expensive on the front end, but Mitsubishi also includes the best parts, and also makes it so simple to do installations.

No Ductwork Needed

One other thing to note about Mr. Slim is that there is absolutely no ductwork needed when you are installing this heating and AC unit. This translates to less mess and a much easier installation once this has been brought to your home to replace your existing unit.

Wireless Remote Control

One final thing to mention is that Mr. Slim from Mitsubishi has a remote control, a wireless control center that allows you to control every aspect of the system without needing to have some type of advanced degree or high level of competency. It will allow you to control many things including heat, cool air, the fan speed, and you can also take advantage of the 24 hour timer and automatic programmable systems. You can also see an LCD display where self-diagnostic information can be shown to tell you where malfunctions are and how to pinpoint their exact location.

Service is a Snap

All mini split outdoor air conditioning units by Mitsubishi are designed with easy maintenance and service in mind. You can find the service points behind panels that are easy to access, this makes it easier for your service technician to install. Every M-series indoor unit features a filter design that is washable so no filter replacement headaches will occur.

How Do I Know What Size to Select?

You can find a handy ductless air sizing calculator to help you out. With the use of these calculators you will be given an estimate of the size you need for your applications. If you remain uncertain, you can have a local contract visit the location and thoroughly assess your needs.

A residential home that is properly insulated normally around 15-20 Btu’s per square foot will suffice. On a multi-story home, for the top floor you will need around 25-30 Btu’s per square foot.

Standard office spaces that hold an average amount of office equipment and occupants will need about 35-40 Btu’s per square foot. If there are no exterior walls exposed to the outside than you can reduce this about 20%.

What are you waiting for to order yours, you will not regret it.